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Analogue Guide London (2nd Edition)

Analogue Guide


London is arguably the most international global city today. Aside from its traditional connections to the Commonwealth, and its more recent favour among the worldwide oligarchy, London has also turned into somewhat of a euro-melting pot. That said, no Londoner worth his salt would ever admit to anything more than merely “quite liking it”, but it would be hard to imagine a city as multifaceted not offering something new and inspiring for everyone—from the convivial pubs of Clerkenwell and the recent influx of Iberian and Antipodean influences on the culinary scene, to the cutting-edge art and design of the East End and the ideal of postcard pretty Notting Hill. We’ve aspired to unearth the best of all of this, with photographs and maps throughout.

120 pages. full colour. 16 x 11 cm



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