Bioderma Hydrabio Discovery Kit



Bioderma Hydrabio Discovery Kit is a dedicated skincare program for dehydrated skin. The Hydrabio range was formulated for dry, dehydrated skin, making it the perfect travel set of skincare for men and women.

Step 1: Hydrabio H2O micellar water to cleanse and remove make-up and cleans face and eyes, without the need to rinse.
Step 2: Hydrabio Serum hydrates dehydrated skin instantly.
Step 3: Use Hydrabio Light Cream to moisturise dehydrated skin in the morning.
Step 4: Use Hydrabio Rich Cream to moisturise dehydrated skin at night. Use the rich cream on flights to protect skin against dry air in the plane.


  • Hydrabio H2O Micellaire Water Cleanser 100 mL
  • Hydrabio Serum 15 mL
  • Hydrabio Light Hydrating Cream 5 mL
  • Hydrabio Rich Hydrating Cream 5 mL

Made in France.

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