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Travel Bloggers spend a lot of time away from home, on the road, and in the air, many just with carry-on luggage. Who better to ask than Travel Bloggers what their travel essentials are?

Here's a round up of six travel bloggers sharing their #travelessentials and some of their travel tips for packing. 

Rain Campanilla of

Rain words and wonderlust OFFEN

Top 5 travel essentials:
SUNGLASSES, for the mornings after; WET WIPES, the single most awesome multipurpose stuff in the galaxy; LIPSTICK, every travel babe’s ultimate beauty shortcut; POWERBANK, because it’s 2016 power is almost a physiologic need; and SWIMWEAR, cos there’s always a waterscape nearby.

Kim Gardner of Snowflakes, Palm Trees and Pretzels

Snowflakes palmtrees and Pretzels OFFEN

When travelling it's important to have all your essentials to keep you looking and feeling good but compact enough to not take up precious space in your travel bag! Top of my list is Burt's Bees Lip Balm. I take more than one with me so I always have one handy in my pocket or bag. The Body Shop's peppermint foot spray is also a must for tired feet as I always do a lot of walking when I travel. Chanel perfume and eye cream and Laura Mercier radiance foundation helps me to look and feel refreshed especially after a long flight. A journal book and good quality pen from KikkiK helps me to jot down all those important travel moments and its compact enough to fit in any travel bag or my Louis Vuitton pouch. Aesop travel sized products that include shampoo & conditioner come complete in their own zip up bag are perfect plus the rinse free hand wash is an extra item that I take with me everywhere. Eating great food while I travel is also essential so a guide to where the best chefs eat around the world is a must! 

Rease Kirchner of Indecisive Traveler

Indecisive Traveller

I only travel with a carry-on, so toiletry Tetris within the ziplock bag is a well-honed skill of mine. Here's a shot of a typical toiletry bag, including the basics: shampoo, conditional, contact solution/case, face wash, and toothpaste. I also add in dry shampoo, which allows me to go 2-3 days without washing my hair, saving me time and shampoo. The second contact case has face lotion, I don't need much and contact cases are perfect for tiny amounts of creams. The Lysol isn't a constant, but if I have room, I toss it in to spray down my airplane tray because we all know those are filthy! 

Hannah Lukaszewicz of 

In 2013 my husband and I kicked our corporate jobs to the curb and said goodbye to the American dream. We've been traveling full-time ever since. We've learned over the years they are a few things in our bags we couldn't live without, even though we don't use them daily we are so thankful we have them when we need them.

  • Duct tape ~We have used duct tape to fix our broken luggage, hold up a shower head, keep the blinds clothes, duct tape can fix just about anything
  • Quick dry towels ~ We use our towels on a weekly basis sometimes as beach blankets in Koh Lipe Thailand, and as towels while on an overland safari in Africa
  • Sleep sheets ~ We've used our sleep sheets in guest houses/hostels in which I prefer to be in my own bedding, or in Tanzania Africa where it's too hot to even think about crawling in a real sleeping bag. 
  • Headlamp ~ If you find yourself on remote islands you won't be surprised by power outages, and a headlamp will make your life sooo so much easier. In El Nido and Coron Philippines the power outages were frequent, long, and unexpected. 

Carole Meyers of Travels with Carole 

The very basics here:  An airline ticket, a passport, and a lovely case (a gift from my daughter) to carry it all in.  I do also tuck in a credit card and my itinerary in a special pocket inside.

Brenton Bleechmore of RoomCritic 

RoomCritic Travel essentials OFFEN

While we love checking out our hotel's bathroom toiletries, we always carry essentials for the flight. Embryolisse moisturizer, Air Repair Facial Mist and Rescue Balm are always with me to keep my skin hydrated. Marvis toothbrush, toothpaste and mouth wash is necessary after a long flight. Proraso shaving products and Sachajuan shampoo and wax for looking groomed while away. Obviously I need my iPhone and iPad, and cameras are necessary for hotel pics. Pictured is our point and shoot Leica, though I also take my Canon 5D, tripod and all the lenses for shooting the hotels for the RoomCritic blog and website. We still love leafing through travel guides for inspiration and tips in a new destination, the Monocle and CITIx60 guides are our current favourites. A Carry On Cocktail Kit always improves a long haul flight.

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