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Preparing for an overseas trip is exciting and hectic, so being clear on what you can and can't take onboard can save you some stress at the airport.

No one wants to have their favourite toiletries and beauty products confiscated at airport security because they packed the wrong size. Quantity limits apply to taking liquids, aerosols and gels on international flights in and out of Australia through security screening points. 

  • Liquid, aerosol or gel products (e.g. your favourite beauty products and travel essentials) must be in containers of 100 millilitres (3.4 ounces) or less.
  • The containers must be carried in one transparent resealable plastic bag, like the one in the image below.
  • The four sides of the bag's sealed area must add up to no more than 80 centimetres (e.g. 20x20 cm or 15x25 cm).
  • The plastic bag must be the type that can be sealed and resealed with a sealing mechanism, like the one pictured that come as a gift with purchase of any two products from OFFEN Store.
  • Only one bag is allowed for each passenger.
  • All containers must fit comfortably into the plastic bag and the bag must be sealed.
  • Containers larger than 100 millilitres, even if only partially-filled, will not be allowed through the security screening point.

OFFEN TSA approved carry on

Duty Free

When leaving Australia with duty free, make sure your liquid, aerosol or gel items purchased duty free before the airport are sealed in a bag with the receipt. Its recommended that you pack these duty free items in your checked luggage and have the docket ready for inspection once through the screening point. You can present the items at the airport security for screening and if the screening process clears the items, you will be able to take them on your flight. If the screening process does not clear the items, you will have to give them up.

Certain exemptions apply for medicines, medical products, medical devices, and baby products that you may need during the flight, so check out the website for more information.

    You can find out more  information from the Australian Government Travel Secure site

    These rules apply specifically to Australia, and may vary from country to country. Its best to check your destination country regulations also, in case their requirements are different to that of Australia.

    All toiletries and beauty products available to purchase on OFFEN marked Travel Size fit the requirement of being 100 mL or less.

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